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Are you looking for the best batting tee for baseball, softball or tball?   

Tanner Tees delivers a family of premium softball and baseball batting tees designed for every step of your sports journey. 

First invented by Joe Tanner in 1988 and perfected over 30 years, every Tanner Tee represents the very best in the business. Each batting tee we make is crafted from premium, durable materials and assembled in our Sarasota, FL location. 

From t ball / tee ball batting tees, to adjustable-arm training tees, to our lineup of batting tees used by youth and professionals alike, there is a Tanner Tee for you.

If you're serious about becoming a better hitter, Tanner Tee has a batting tee that’s just right for your baseball, softball, t-ball or slowpitch game.